The Ian Matheson City Archives holds records of the Palmerston North City Council, and of individuals, organisations and businesses of Palmerston North and its surrounding regions from 1878-1989, and some records beyond.

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ARCHIVE CENTRAL SEARCH is a database for the archives of participating Councils from the Central region, including Palmerston North City Council. COMMUNITY ARCHIVE SEARCH is a database of the Community Archives and Research Files that are available for research purposes.

You can search across all the participating Councils from the home page, or click on individual councils and search only their records listings. Participating Councils are: Horizons Regional Council; Horowhenua District Council; Manawatu District Council; Palmerston North City Council; Rangitikei District Council; Tararua District Council; Wanganui District Council.

The Community Archives are records of local organisations, businesses, individuals and their families. They are generally primary documents. Research files are an amalgamation of resources around frequently requested topics. They may contain references to primary information, as well as notes, newspaper articles and secondary sources of information.

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